Thermocouple Sensor

Our company is manufacturing a wide range of Thermocouple Tip in variety of models for various requirement such as MK III, MKIV, MKVI, MK VII with ABS and ceramic body. These Thermocouple Tips are used for measurement of molten metal temperature in furnace, ladles, converters etc. in steel plants and foundries.

Consistency in readings
Accuracy in readings.

Immersion Sensor

Our comprehensive range of Immersion Samplers are used for obtaining samples of the molten metal from blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, degasser, ladle treatment stations & other application where sample of molten metal is needed.This is for Spectrographic analysis, which is essential and unavoidable part of molten metal processing. These immersion samplers, are designed with latest technology. They are safe, faster and reduce the sampling timing. The entire range is available on standard and customized specification.

We are offering different shapes of Samplers:

* Round Samplers
* Oval Samplers
* Dual Thickness Samplers
* Stream Samplers
* Blast furnace samplers
* Immersion Samplers with varying paper tubes lengths up to 2000 MM.

Female Receptacles

We also offer Female Receptacles and metallic housing for use with our thermocouple tips. We manufacture Female Receptacles in two models :

* Standard Model MKIII
* Mini Model MKVI.

Compensating Cables

Compensating Cables are available for different applications. Heat Resistant cables are available for use inside the immersion lance assembly and also as trailing cable with :

PTFE Insulation
Fiberglass Insulation
Asbestos Insulation
PVC/Rubber Insulation
With a range of conductor sizes.

Contact Block

Our company is manufacturing and supplying Contact Block for use with our MKVII thermocouple tips. These Contact Block are available in 2 models,namely short and long types .

Advantages of Contact Block:
Fully matched design
One source responsibly.

Immersion Lance

We also manufacture thermocouple accessories like Immersion Lance. We manufacture a range of Immersion Lances which are sturdy in construction and made from seamless pipe with heat resistant inside cable assembly and standard length of heavy duty compensating cable with connector handle and polarity plug.

Further features of these Immersion Lance are listed below:

•Dimensional accuracy
• Reliable
• Wide industrial usage
• High on performance
• Easy to operate
• Cost effective.

Corrugated Boxes

Our company is manufacturing and supplying Corruagted boxes.